NILS Bangladesh organized ‘Constitution Day Dialogue’

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Lamia Khan Shethil: To celebrate this year’s Constitution Day & to spread the spirit of the very day, The Network for the International Law Students (NILS) Bangladesh organized the ”Constitution Day Dialogue on Bangladesh Constitution and Human Rights: How they interface”. The Dialogue was held at 7.30 P.M on 4th November 2020 through Facebook Live.

The core theme of this event is “Bangladesh Constitution and Human Rights: How They Interface”. The event aimed at raising awareness among participants about different constitutional aspects and enriching knowledge of the ‘Spirit of the Constitution’. Constitution Day Dialogue was graced by the presence of prominent legal personalities of Bangladesh. The Honorable Chief Guest and outstanding panelist discussants took part in the dialogue.

Honorable Attorney General for Bangladesh, Senior Advocate A M Amin Uddin, was present as Honorable Chief Guest of the event while Professor Dr. ‬Mizanur Rahman, Former Chairman of National Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh & ‬Professor of Department of Law of University of Dhaka. Dr. Nazneen Kawsar Chowdhury, Joint Secretary, Member (Finance & Trade), Bangladesh Tea Board, Ministry of Commerce, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh & And Advocate A H M Zia Uddin, General Secretary of Chittagong District Bar Association were present as special guests. The program was chaired by Professor Abm Abu Noman, Dean of the Faculty of Law of University of Chittagong.

“The independence came out with the blood of the millions of people, and the Constituent Assembly was going to write a Constitution with the blood of those martyrs” by mentioning this famous quotation of Bangabandhu, Mohammad Mamun, the President of NILS Bangladesh, has started the Dialogue. All the speakers appreciated the initiative for organising this Dialogue to celebrate the constitution Day.

Chief Guest A M Amin Uddin briefly discussed about unique features of the constitution. He mentioned that if there was no disruption to the original spirit of the constitution and no change was made, the Constitution of Bangladesh would be the finest of all constitution today.

In the speech of Chief Discussant, Professor Dr. Mizanur Rahman, emphasized on the spirit of the words of preamble and definition of constitution and mentioned that the constitution is the spirit of nation.

By emphasizing to Article 19 and Article 28, Dr. Nazneen Kawsar Chowdhury specially discussed about how rights of the women were recognized in the constitution and mentioned that for the advancement and establishment of the rights of women, the government has taken the sufficient steps through various development plans to give utmost importance to the political, economic, social empowerment and constitutional rights of women.

Advocate A H M Zia Uddin emphasized on 5th amendment case and discussed how the military regime fragile the constitutional structure.

The whole event was anchored by Mohammad Mamun, President of NILS Bangladesh.

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